9 07, 2018


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Our phones had no power when our bike accident happened because we were camping at the time, but when we finally charged up, we had 9 missed calls from accidentANGELS™.

My hubby and I were riding our motorbike on a Sunday morning when the accident took place. He luckily had no injuries, but I damaged the tendons in […]

2 02, 2018

What happens to you after you have just had an accident and you have no car insurance or medical aid?

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Your body has just suffered a massive shock from a speedy collision with a street barrier which has whipped your car into a 360 spin. You eventually come to a standstill with shattered glass strewn across the freeway and oil leaking from your severely damaged car.

Just a freak accident that happened as a result of […]

2 01, 2018


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I was travelling  in my car, 600 km from home when the accident happened. In no time, the accidentANGELS™ team had me admitted to a hospital near my house.

While on duty in Ladysmith one evening, I attempted to overtake a truck on a two-lane road. It unexpectedly turned into a single lane and I hit […]

14 12, 2017


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It was just another weekday morning, when out of nowhere a car drove into mine. Thanks to accidentANGELS™, I was able to go to a private hospital straight away.

It was 8am and I was driving to work on a road close to my home. Suddenly, another driver who had skipped a stop street crashed into […]

14 12, 2017


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I woke up dazed and confused to find that Paramedics were tending to my wounds from an accident I had. My driver contacted accidentANGELS™ and they quickly made the necessary arrangements.

My driver was taking me to a friend’s house in Boksburg during the early hours of the morning when the accident happened. I was sleeping […]

14 12, 2017


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On my way to the office, my car – and my day – unexpectedly spun out of control. accidentANGELS™ took care of me and gave me much less to worry about.

I was driving on the R569 during lunchtime when my car got clipped on the driver side by another car going in the opposite direction. […]

7 11, 2017


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I had just bought my new car when the accident happened. Thankfully one of the benefits the dealership offered with the sale was accidentANGELS™ membership!

While driving on the N2 on my way home from the car dealership, I was distracted by two animals on the road. Rain was pouring down that evening and as I […]

7 11, 2017


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I first heard about accidentANGELS™ when I bought my car. As I don’t have medical aid, and accidentANGELS™ was very affordable, I decided to join.

I was driving home from work late one night when I blacked out – I must’ve fallen asleep for a second – and lost control over my car. It rolled twice […]

13 06, 2017


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The company I work for offered accidentANGELS™ membership to all employees, and so I’d never given a thought to it until my accident in April 2017.

I was on my way home at night on the N2 highway when a rock was thrown through my car window. It was a frightening experience and out of shock […]

13 06, 2017


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I took out accidentANGELS™ membership when I bought my car as it was offered as an option during the purchase and seemed like a good idea since I had no medical aid.

I was driving home from work on the Schoemanskloof Nelspruit road one morning in March this year when I started feeling dizzy and disoriented. […]